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How many people have missed out on a few things from their 2011 wish list? I don't know but I am sure there are many. You are in luck now though because here is a chance to get a great deal on a Flip Pal Tm Mobile scanner due to their all I wanted for the holidays after Christmas special discount. If you follow the codes below you will be on your way to getting more organized, saving paper, preserving photos, and protecting cherished family memories by using a scanner that is truly remarkable. You will love this scanner and you will be amazed at what you have gotten for the price. Get going and get organized and get your order in while the supplies last and while this terrific after Christmas scanner sale is going on at the Couragent Company, makers of the Flip Pal Tm mobile scanner

Do you have any old scrap books you would like to have digitized? Would you like to be able to scan these books without having to take the pictures out from under the sticky film? Most people would love to be able to scan the items in their scrap book without having to remove any pictures and while avoiding any problems such as discoloration or rips in the original .

The after Christmas discount will give you the opportunity to buy this scanner at a fantastic price and get an even better deal than was thought possible.

Your "All I Wanted For The Holidays" coupon code is: AIW11A.

It’s good for $15 off the purchase of a Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner — or—$20 off the purchase of a Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner with Creative Suite Craft Edition DVD. The coupon is good from December 26, 2011toJanuary 8, 2012, or while supplies last.


A Scanner blog on Portable Document Scanners


Vupoint Solutions and the Magic Wand Scanner in Detail

 If you are considering the purchase of a new scanner don't forget to check out the Magic Wand Scanner from Vupoint Solutions at  If you need information and comparisons this is a great site to give you quality information from someone who has owned and used this scanner for a long time.  Get with the times and get a scanner without having to spend a great deal of cash.  You can put that cash to work on something else while you save on the Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner.  Follow the link below and buy one today. 

Vupoint Solutions and the Magic Wand Scanner in Detail


What more can you want in a Mobile Scanner? the Flip-Pal™ is amazing

What more could you want in a mobile scanner than the vast amount of features that are standard with the innovative and creative Flip-Pal™ photo and document scanner.
This is a way to create anything or re create anything you want on your fabric as long as you have it in picture format.  You can have family or friends faces now on all you pillows, cushions or fabrics of any kind.  Amazing technology that is far ahead of any technological advancement in scanning tech.  You can always figure out new ways to use your creativity and talents to make amazing arts and crafts using this scanner.  It is a scanner that is truly a one of a kind and ahead of its time.  Don't wait for the other copy cats to hit the market.  Get the one and only Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner.
The Flip-Pal™  Mobile Scanner is AMAZING! 
You know how much grandparents would love to have an image of their grandchildren on their carry bag or throw pillows. It is hard to believe what you can 
create by combining the Flip-Pal™ Mobile Scanner while using 
the PhotoStitch™ feature in PE-DESIGNTM Software from the partnership with the Brother Corporation. 
There is no reason to doubt the reality about the Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner.
This scanner is the best innovation to become available for tech nerds in years and
it isn’t just for techies because it is such an awesome and easy to use electronic device.
If you buy a the Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner before the holiday you can take advantage
of this 10% off discount by entering the discount code listed Here:
Coupon Code: KOCS12A
$20 off the purchase a Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner with Creative Suite Craft Edition DVD when you also order a package of Flip-Pal Window Protector Sheets


Buy A Scanner HERE Today


Great List of Top 10 reasons to Buy A Scanner

Here is a great post taken from detailing the top 10 reasons to Buy A Scanner.  There are many more reasons but this is a great list to start with when you begin to contemplate Buy A Scanner. 

A Scanner for scanning everything: Top 10 reasons to Buy A Scanner

Here are the Top 10 reasons to Buy A Scanner and to start getting more organized and to start saving paper.

There are countless reasons to buy a scanner and this is the list of the top 10 reasons why.  The list is growing longer by the day as scanner technology continues to improve and advance. 

1. save paper
2. save space
3. reduce clutter
4. better record keeping
5. quality preservation
6.  Scanned documents easily put into email.
7.  Save money on postage buy sending scans in email.
8.  Remote access of records from anywhere with use of cloud computing
9.  Access records with your smart phone or net book once connected to web
10. Relieve stress by having easy access to invoices, bills, notes and other records remotely.

This is just a short list and I am sure people can think of many more reasons to take advantage of the incredible new technology that comes with today's smart scanners.  If you are in business it is a must to buy a scanner.  If you are a sales person with an expense account it is a must to buy a scanner as well. 

Recently I have tried out the NeatReceipts portable scanner and have seen very positive results.  If you are interested in learning more about this particular scanner you can check out the following post:

My NeatReceipts:  A scanner you will love. 

A scanner can be found for everyone.  A few that are worthy of an appraisal from anyone are

  1. the Flip Pal Mobile Scanner and its soon to be released big brother
  2. The Capture-ID
  3. Neatdesk
  4. Neatreceipts
  5. Iriscan Express
  6. Fujitsu Scan Snap


Important Flip-Pal Questions Answered

The Flip-Pal is not designed to scan negatives or slides, which would require a separate light source in the lid, increasing costs and complexity. What is needed for scanning slides is a  dedicated film scanner rather than Flip-Pal, but these film scanners are extremely expensive.

You can get your slides scanned or processed  at the local photo processing shop or you can find companies with these capabilities online. 

Yes.  There is a small LCD display on the top of the scanner that allows you to see what you are scanning.  Also the Flip and Scan technology allows you to see through the scanner so you can view what you are scanning throughout the process.  
(Screen specs- 1.7-inch color LCD display)

The Flip-Pal scanner in the testing sample made over 100,000 scans without failure. 


Flip Pal Video on how to transfer and scan textures

Consider buying a scanner call the Flip Pal.  I have just seen an excellent video on how to use the Flip Pal over at the  This video goes into great detail on how to use the Flip Pal, how to transfer scanned and how to scan textures and fabrics.  It is the perfect video to watch if you love to scrap book, need a receipt scanner or if you are looking for an excellent portable receipt scanner that runs on batteries.  The Flip-Pal can be used without the computer anytime anywhere.  It is very simple yet very functional and new technology. If you need to buy a scanner then should look no further.  You will not find a better deal on a portable scanner. 
A scanner is going to save you time and money in the long run and it will increase your personal freedom.  People are in love with the features of this scanner and often don't know about it until they start to do their research in order to buy a scanner this is right for them.  Once they see the Flip-Pal they are sold.  There decision to buy a scanner is made immediately and more and more rave revues are coming in daily.  See more of them here.

You can see how you can increase your creativity with the many options afforded by the Flip Pal.
Watch the Video HERE.

List of what Flip-Pal can scan

I had mentioned in the last post about the amazing ability to take a Flip-Pal scan and turn it into amazing embroidery so you should be well aware that theFlip-Pal is no ordinary scanner.  It is one of those new gadgets thatcomes along ever so often that surprises people and makes them wonder how thegot along without one.  You will certainly be scratching your head andasking yourself the same question after you purchase the Flip Pal.

Here is a list of some of the items you can scan with Flip and Scantechnology:

The Flip-Pal with USB stick now available
  1. Documents
  2. Receipts
  3. Legal size documents 
  4. Larger than legal size documents
  5. Passports
  6. Licenses 
  7. Small photos
  8. Large photos 
  9. Extra large photo
  10. Hand written notes 
  11. Coins
  12. Dollar bills
  13. Photos in the frame and on the wall
  14. Text books
  15. Magazine pages and covers
  16. Time cards 
  17. Business cards
  18. Post cards 
  19. Fabrics 
  20. Head stones 
  21. Engraved stone and granite
  22. Extra large topography maps
  23. Wood grain
  24. Concert or event tickets

The list can go on and on but this is a great start.  Your applications for use of the Flip-Pal scanner are endless and I am sure customers will come up with many more ways to apply this Flip-and Scan Technology that has been patented by the Couragent Company.  

You can read more about the partnership with the Brother Corporation that has created the ability to use the Flip Pal for creating embroidery patterns HERE

Buying A Scanner is Easy

Buying a scanner does not have to be difficult, nor does picking out the right scanner.  Reducing your paperwork to neat digital files will make your life much less stressful. You will also be able to scan your old letters, articles, invoices and receipts so that you will never again have to worry about damaging or losing something precious.

The innovative and powerful Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner.  Be sure to check this one out when buying a scanner. 
The most important question that comes to mind once you commit to buying a scanner will be regarding making right decision on type and model.

You can make buying a scanner much easier if you ask yourself a few questions about scanners.  These questions I have listed will get you started with the process of narrowing down your choices.   You can keep from letting things get to complicated during the scanner buying process by doing your homework and checking out a few of the recommended articles and web sites that give good scanner reviews.

I think you can narrow the categories of scanners down very easily by just listing the truly portable scanners that work away from the computer and those that only work while they are attached to a PC or lap top. There are only a couple of choices that give you the true freedom of mobility and scanning on the go but after you go over these questions I will give a the best options to begin the buying a scanner process.
Buying a Scanner questions that will narrow down your choices.

1. Do you want a portable scanner that you can take with you anywhere, make scans with out being tethered to the computer and have the scanner run fully on batteries?
2. Do you want to buy a scanner that is not really mobile but it is small enough to move from place to place but is not capable of making scans unless it is hooked up to the computer?
3. Do you have lots of old photos you would like to scan quickly and easily that are the standard size such as a 4x6 print?
4. Do you want to buy a scanner that is less than $200, less that $150, less than $100? Or can you afford to spend close to $400 to make sure you get the exact scanner that is right for you?
Now that you have answered these questions you will need to do a little more research. This is the most important part of buying a scanner in order to ensure you do not make a purchase that will prove to be no help in organizing and eliminating your piles of paper work.
Here are the best options for you.

The Flip-pal Mobile Scanner can be used for the most applications and has more uses than all other scanners,  it can scan small or large objects, can be run on batteries, can use USB stick to store scans until you load them on the computer.

You will not be extremely happy when buying this scanner because it is so versatile  It can scan pictures in the frame and still no the wall. It also needs no computer tether to make scans as I mentioned earlier.  It is a tiny but powerful device but the amazing stitching software allows you to stitch together multiple smaller scans to create much larger replica. It is something to see. 

Check out The Flip-Pal Here

The other model of scanner to view in your buying a scanner process is the Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner. This is small in size but large in ability.  It easily scans 8.5 x 11 sheets with one pass and can scan even longer documents. It does not allow the scanning of anything wider with one pass however and it is not equipped with stitching software capability. 
It works just as it sounds it would when you wave the Magic wand or slide it across your document to make the scan. The document scan is then immediately saved to the micro disk that will store a large capacity of single sheet scans.   It is the perfect scanner for scanning pages out of books, magazines and receipts.  The Vupoint Magic Wand operates on batteries unattached to the computer  This scanner will be ideal for your business expenses or for even taking on the road. 

Buy a Scanner from Vupoint Solutions
Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner

The Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner is also now available with Wireless Blue Tooth Capacity so transferring scans to your computer could not be any easier. It is the best price of all the scanners on the market today as well. You can buy a scanner from Vupoint that is the basic model for under $90 in many locations. I have had a Vupoint Scanner for over year and I love it. It is a great deal for the money.

Check out more here and get plenty of information to make buying a scanner a breeze.

Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner

Here is additional information on the some other portable and desk top scanner that may be useful.

year and I love it.  It  is a great deal for the money.
Check out more here and get plenty of information to make buying a scanner a breeze.
Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner
Here is additional information on the some other portable and desk top scanner that may be useful.

Buy  A Flip Pal Here
The Flip Pal Mobile Scanner
Buy A Scanner HERE
Read this other links on document scanners. HERE, HERE and HERE


Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner and PE-design software

The Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner is AMAZING! You can take a standard photo of just about anything and have it set up to be recreated on your embroidery machine. Here are several examples of how things will turn out. You can see how much grandparents would love to have an image of their grandchildren on their carry bag or throw pillows.

It is hard to believe what you can create by combining the
Flip-Pal™ Mobile Scanner while using the PhotoStitch™ feature in PE-DESIGN
TM Software

The photos are taken from the Brother Website


The Flip Pal Mobile scanner is the most innovative product to hit the technology market in years.  Take a look at the following pictures that were scanned by the Flip-Pal and then recreated as an embroidery.  The possibilities available for a Flip Pal Scanner are limited only by your imagination. 

Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner by Couragent Started due to a Layoff

Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner by Couragent Started due to a Layoff

The Flip-Pal Portable Scanner


Portable Scanners: FlipPal Portable scanner

Here is a good article detailing more about The Flip-Pal Portable Scanner. Read more on the latest innovations in at  FlipPal Portable scanner and get more information the amazing mobile scanners available from Couragent, formerly known as rocky mountain ventures, HERE.

now available with Blue Tooth technology to make scanning even easier.  No longer is is necessary to transfer files to from micro disk to computer or other device.  Just make your scanner discoverable and sync it with your computer and the easiest scanner ever just become even easier.  Buy a Scanner that will work for you. 

The Flip-Pal is one of the best scanners you can buy for mobile scanning. Once you decide to Buy a Scanner you are going to have to take a look at the Flip-Pal Scanner  and buy a scanner from Couragent LLC, the creators of this one of kind scanner.  It is time to get in the shopping mode so you can beat the Christmas rush.  The Flip Pal scanner has been on the market for about a little over a year now but this is the first holiday season that it will have been widely know and it will be selling quickly. 

Sooner or later everyone will have to get used to the digital world and learn how to scan all of their documents into a format that is easily transferable electronically and that can be emailed.  We are moving quickly away from the the days of paper and hard copies.  Electronic files will soon be accepted as as legal copy just as the fax copy became a legal way to bind a contract years ago. 

If you are considering getting your paperwork in order, getting your office better organized and having more free to spend with your loved ones then you need to get a scanner. 

You have a lot of options now but the best choice with the widest range of uses, the best price and the most innovative has to be the Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner with Creative Suite and USB Stick.  It runs on batteries and you can now transfer all your photos and other documents easily to your computer with the USB Stick rather than just using a micro disk.  You get amazing portability and ease of use as well as being able to scan larger objects that are bigger than the scanning area because of the easy stitch software that will take your partial scans and magically put them together into single seamless document on your computer. 

Check it out today and give one a try.  You have a full 30 days to get your money back if you are not satisfied and Couragent LLC gives you a full one year limited warranty.  This is a new company that is the result of The layoff of Gordon Nutall who worked for HP.  He decided to risk just about everything to go out on his own and create the Flip-Pal that has been released by Couragent LLC, formerly known as Rocky Mountain Ventures.  Nutall was featured this recently on CNN  Money and has been increasing in popularity along with the company products.  The Flip-Pal scanner is the company flagship and it will soon be followed by the Larger business version called the Capture-ID. 

The Capture-ID comes equipped with new scan to binding technology that will make perfect scans right out of a bound book without that page wave everyone hates.  The Capture-ID will take the wand from the Flip-Pal and continue to lead the scanner race. 



Try Neat not so Neat Review

From the

The NeatDesk desktop scanner is the main competitor to our favorite document scanner, the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500, is probably the NeatDesk Desktop Scanner (NeatDesk is also available for Mac). Last week, Joel Johnson of BoingBoing Gadgets got his hands on one, and spent a few hours putting it through its paces.
His verdict: the NeatDesk desktop scanner is not worth it. Consider the ScanSnap
s1500 instead.

Update: Neat is sending us a a NeatDesk scanner to try. We’ll try Neat and let you know what we think in a separate review post.
That being the case, I found this observation about the NeatDesk odd: “its first problem is that it’s simply a scanner, and a sheet-fed one at that . . . .” Er, yes, that is kind of the point. In a world of ubiquitous multi-function-printers, we think document scanners still play an important role.
Joel’s point about the odd NeatDesk document slots limiting the number of documents, however, is well-taken, even if that assembly can be removed. He also pans the software and optical character recognition (OCR) included with the scanner.
Consider this. The ScanSnap comes with licensed copy of Acrobat At, a $300-$460 product. It also includes various utilities (that some will find more useful than others). But the NeatDesk comes with only a license code for a copy of Neat Library, which is not included in the box. The equivalent Fujitsu software (and more) is free and included in the box.
The NeatDesk OCR apparently needs a lot of work, as well. Joel had trouble getting it to recognize basic text like “.com” in a website address on a business card.
I am not likely to give up my ScanSnap s1500 anytime soon. I already know it provides excellent value, quality, and utility. Based on Joel’s review and the spec sheet, I think I would be paying more and getting less with the NeatDesk.
A couple of hours with the NeatDesk scanner (Verdict: not worth the time or trouble)

This is one of the few negative reviews I have heard about the NeatDesk.  I have heard both sides of the story however, but it seems like most people like it when it does what Neat Co Says it can do.  I have seen the Try Neat slogan for the Neat Company everywhere lately.  It seems like they are pumping a lot ad dollars into this campaign.  I think Neat Works is a good program.  But there has been a few negative reviews.

Neatdesk Deals Direct


The Flip Pal attracts new fans, everyone loves the Flip-Pal

Flip-Pal mobile scanner
Flip And Scan Technology From the Flip-Pal

The Flip-Pal Scanner is a portable document and object scanner like no other.  It is so versatile and user friendly that you will be amazed.  What is so great about the Flip-Pal is its ultra portability and its scan in place technology created by Rocky Mountain Ventures Company (now called Couragent).  The patented design of the Flip-Pal lets you see through the scanner in order to view what you are scanning. 

The Flip Pal is everything you never thought you would get in a Scanner
 You take out your scrap book and scan all the pictures inside just by placing the scanner on the page.  You can leave the picture in the book and simply scan all of your pictures so you can keep a digital copy of your fondest items. 

Did anyone ever think there would be such a scanner?  Now if you can believe that you can scan out of a scrap book, wait until you hear what else you can do with the Flip-Pal mobile scanner.  How about scanning photos in place, even if they are still in the frame and still on the wall?  Now that is quite an accomplishment.  Imagine every one's grandmother getting to have a fully digitized copy of all of the photos hanging on the wall that give her precious memories of all her wonderful grandchildren. 

Don't you think grandma would like to be able to have a digital copy of all the photographs to hand down from generation to generation?  I think she would love it. 

Another bonus would be the knowledge that the pictures would be save, clean and never again fading or getting dull over the years.  The digital copy scanned with the Flip-Pal Scanner would be like keeping your photos in sealed package with all of the air extracted yet without the worry of all the problems that would arise by opening the bag.  The Flip-Pal's scan in place technology is already changing the way we keep our family photos while changing landscape of how items get scanned. 

The Flip-Pal is equipped with amazing stitching software that turns this mini scanner into a monster of productivity.  This Scanner can fit in your purse or briefcase yet it can scan large documents and pictures by chunking it in to sections.  The scanner software allows you to use several sectional scans of a large document that will be seamlessly created into one large scan.  It is extremely creative, useful and new. 

The creative suite software just added from Couragent is ideal for anyone interested in arts and crafts.  You now have a away to keep your creations digitally with ease. 

Check out these sites for more information on how to buy a scanner. 

Buy A Scanner Here
The Flip Pal Here and Here
Buy A Flip Here

The future of scanning has arrive with the Flip-Pal mobile scanner.  (Buy here for under $150.00)


NeatDesk Desktop Scanner and Digital Filing System with Try Neat NeatReceipts

The NeatDesk Description and reasons to Buy A Scanner

Turn your office space into a productivity Zone.
The Neat Desk will save you hours of wasted time looking for paperwork.  Your central inbox will be your Neatworks software with awesome scanner ADF that will scan everything.

Create digital filing cabinet that is secure and paper free.
With NeatDesk, you get a digital filing cabinet with keyword search capability and the peace of mind knowing you have all of your "paper work" at your finger tips.

Say goodbye to multiple software applications.
The Neat Desk and the Neat Receipts works great with NeatWorks, the simple, easy to understand and use proprietary program created by the Neat Company.  It handles everything from business cards to legal documents. 

One stop shop for all your scanning.
NeatDesk has a removable input tray that can hold a 50 page document for single sided scanner.  This is an amazing scanner for all your documents.  The power of Neatworks 4.0 is obvious here.  Duplex scanning is no problem with the NeatDesk. 

TryNeat and Scan Receipts

Fully compatible with Excel®, Quicken®, QuickBooks®, TurboTax®. NeatDesk easily scan and save your most important tax documents sorted and searched by keyword . Managing your expenses could not be any easier unless you hired an office assistant 

Never lose an important business card again

NeatDesk will capture all imporant information from the card.  Neatworks reads name, address, company and the contact's title.  The bonus is that the Neatworks software creates a data base for you that is easily searchable at any time.   Simple to export to other data bases and contact managers as well.

Multiple Document Scanning capabilities
Scan documents for editing while creating PDF searchable filesNeatDesk

NeatWorks and the NeatDesk is fully compatible with windows.  Windows 7, XP or Vista work seamlessly with this excellent scanner from Neat Company.  TryNeat! you will thank yourself later. 

The Amazing Flip Pal Portable Scanner with FlipScan Technology.  A must have for everyone!

NeatDesk will capture all imporant information from the card.  Neatworks reads name, address, company and the contact's title.  The bonus is that the Neatworks software creates a data base for you that is easily searchable at any time.   Simple to export to other data bases and contact managers as well.


Portable Scanner Reviews: Flip-Pal is the Most Innovative Scanner

Portable Scanner Reviews: Flip-Pal is the Most Innovative Scanner: " The Flip-Pal Portable Scanner is a must see for anyone thinking of BUYING A SCANNER. The Couragent company has developed the most innov..."

Flip-Pal announces creative suite package

The Flip-Pal now has announced the creative suite software that is sweet for anyone involved in arts and crafts.  The creative suite is now available at the Flip Pal web site.

Buy The Flip Pal Here
Find out more about the Flip Pal Creative Suite Here

The Flip Pal is the flag ship product for Couragent, formerly known as Rocky Mountain Ventures LLC, and last week they announced this brilliant creative suite software that turns the Flip Pal into an eveN better scanner, if that is possible.  This is the mark of a great company with creative minds.  Improving on a brilliant product like the Flip-Pal is not easy and highly unlikely once a company scores a hit.  Much like Apple, Couragent is continually working on innovation and improving amazing products. 

Flip-pal mobile scanner with Creative Suite Craft Edition DVD
the Flip-Pal and Craft Version Creative Suite Software Here
BUY HERE $199.00
Couragent is soon releasing the ( "the Flip-Pal II) later this year as they introduce the Capture-ID.  Technically this is not the Flip-Pal II but it is the slightly larger version for business.  The bonus for the Capture-ID is the scan to binding technology that has been a long time coming for a scanner.  This technology allows the wave that is always in play when trying to scan the page of a bound book to be eliminated.  Some how, some way the brilliant minds at Couragent have figured out how to straighten the portion of the page that is close to the binding and would always appear as a wave.


How to Buy a Scanner? Try Neat

When you Buy A Scanner, you should Try Neat and get A Neat Receipts Portable Scanner.  The NeatReceipts scanner and Neatworks software lives up to the hype and it does things that make scanning and organizing much easier and faster. 

If you scan receipts that are shorter than 8.5 inches you can insert the receipts in side ways and the Neatworks software will automatically rotate and crop the scan for you.  It is very cool.  If you buy a scanner for your receipts or your business, Try Neat and Buy A Scanner.  You will see a drastic reduction in your paper clutter and you will improve your productivity the first day you use the NeatReceipts Scanner. 

I love NeatReceipts and I love using the NeatWorks software.  It has already cleared much of my paper work mess from my desk and made it much easier to find things.  I also don't have to worry about losing paper work since it is saved on to my computer.

You can find out more information on the TryNeat line of scanners and before you buy a scanner go to the the website and get more information for your purchase. 

The Flip Pal Portable Scanner is  must have for 2011