NeatDesk Review from PC Mag

Review from PC Magazine
The Scanner HardwareThe NeatDesk scanner is a typical size for a personal desktop scanner, with a 10.8- by 7.5-inch (WD) footprint. It is 12.5 inches high with the paper guide open to hold letter-size paper in the input tray, but only 7.3 inches high with the guide closed. You can also open the output paper tray in front, which adds 7 inches to the depth, or leave it closed and let the paper fall directly from the output slot onto your desk.
The overall design of the NeatDesk is fairly standard with the input tray on the top back and the output tray on the bottom front. However, it's also good looking enough to fit in an office that puts a premium on design, with its rounded edges and corners plus a shiny white finish set off by matte black highlights. The Neat Company obviously invested some money in an industrial designer.
The scanner's also suitably capable, with a 600-pixel-per-inch (ppi) optical resolution, which is typical for document scanners. It's rated at 24 ppm in simplex mode (scanning one side of a page at a time) and 48 images per minute (ipm) in duplex mode (scanning both sides at once). It can handle pages up to a maximum of 8.5 by 30 inches.
One unusual touch for the NeatDesk is that instead of adjustable edge guides for feeding paper, the input tray includes an insert that offers three slots with permanently set widths—8.5 inches for documents, 3.5 inches for receipts, and 2.25 inches for business cards. Each slot is designed to take a maximum of 15 items at a time.
You can also remove the insert, which gives the ADF a 50-page capacity but without any edge guides to keep the paper straight for anything narrower than 8.5 inches. The Neat Company says it's considering making a second insert with adjustable edge guides available, but there's no firm timetable for this, so it's nothing you can count on.