Try Neat with Turbo Tax

NeatReceipts, a company committed to developing user-friendly mobile scanning solutions, today announced that its Scanalizer software is now compatible with TurboTax®, the leading tax preparation software

Users who scan in receipts can select a tax category from the drop down menu then use the NeatReceipts Tax Organizer to create category summaries that are exportable to TurboTax®. Those who are preparing their taxes on their own save time and energy and reduce the risk of manual error, as deductions are automatically placed in correct fields in TurboTax®.
  • NeatReceipts Receipt Organizer now supports more than 116 of the most common tax categories.
  • NeatReceipts provides information on each tax category within the interface to guide users through the deduction process. Links to appropriate sections of the IRS site are provided to address further questions.
  • NeatReceipts software reflects 2007 changes to tax rules.
  • According to the IRS, 73 million tax returns were e-filed in 2006 (20 million were filed from home computers).
  • The IRS has accepted scanned copies of receipts since 1997.
  • The Scanalizer will be featured in in-store promotions with TurboTax® at participating Staples throughout tax season.

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Organizing with NeatReceipts and the Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner

Organizing with NeatReceipts and the Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner

Organizing is not always easy but some people are very good at it and some people are the opposite.  But there are no hard and fast rules to being organized.  Everyone has to find what works for them and create their own system.  If you are more visual you may have to put together a system to keep your most important items organized and visible. 

You will likely run into space issues if you have to keep all of your files on your desk so this is were NeatReceipts or the Vupoint Magic Wand Digital Scanner can help you. 
The Neatworks software that scans, reads and categorizes your paper for future search by keyword makes inputting your paper work fairly simply by one sheet at a time.  It will allow you to keep your records in an easily accessible place that will be right in front of you on your computer screen.

The NeatDesk also uses Neatworks software and it had an automated document feed that accepts up to 50 pages at a time.  If you have a lot of paperwork this would be optimal for you. 

The Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner also can help you.  I like to use it with PaperPort organizational software.  It will let your organize all of your paper work and receipts in different folders and sub folders.  It will help you organize everything on your computer. 

If you are having trouble organizing your paperwork and receipts take a look at NeatReceipts, NeatWorks and The Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner. 

neat it is

 From the Neat Company Website
Designed to perform.

We believe getting information into your computer should be as easy as printing it out. That’s why we’ve developed scanners that make the process of digitizing documents as easy as possible. NeatDesk and NeatReceipts are extraordinary products and when you TryNeat you will see how great  they perform with The NeatWorks software

Our scanners are designed to scan any kind of paper – from taxi receipts and business cards to lengthy legal documents, classroom notes, newspaper articles, utility bills–  and look good doing it. At work, at home and on the go, Neat Company has the solutions for you. 

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Creating an Excel Map using NeatWorks and NeatRecipts portable scanner.

To create an Excel map, do the following:

From the Tools menu or the Toolbar, choose Personalize and then select the Export Maps tab on the Personalize screen that displays (pictured at the very bottom of this page).

Under the Step 1 heading, click the New button. The New Excel Map dialog box opens. Type a name in the Excel Map Name field and click Create.

Under the Step 2 heading, specify an MS Excel Template. The template can be blank or it can contain information (such as a company logo or column header names). The file can have either a .xlt or .xls file extension

Type a name in the Excel Map Name field and click Create.

Under the Step 2 heading, specify an MS Excel Template. The template can be blank or it can contain information (such as a company logo or column header names). The file can have either a .xlt or .xls file extension.
To specify an existing template file:

If an Excel Template file already exists, specify its location by typing the explicit path or by using the Browse button to navigate to the .xlt or .xls file, and select it.

To create a new template file in MS Office 2003:

If you do not already have an Excel Template file, you can quickly create a new one by following these steps:

1. Launch MS Excel.

2. If using a NeatWorks sample Excel map, label three worksheets with the following titles: Folder, Receipt Images, and Comments.

3. Type template values (such as an employee name) or simply leave the sheets blank.

4. Under File, choose Save As.

5. From the Save type as drop down menu, choose Template (*.xlt).

6. Navigate to the desired location on your hard drive.

7. Click Save.

To create a new template file in MS Office 2007:

1. Follow steps 1-3 above.

2. Click the MS Office button, select Save As, and choose Excel 97-2003 Workbook.

3. Navigate to the desired location on your hard drive.

4. Click Save.

NeatWorks will automatically separate the exported data into three separate sheets in Excel, segregating receipt data, receipt images and receipt comments. Under the Step 3 heading, specify the destination sheet for each of these data types by entering its corresponding Excel sheet name.

Optionally, under the Step 3 heading, click the Details button to specify a starting row for receipt data.


More on NeatWorks and TryNeat

From NeatCo website

Welcome to NeatWorks
Getting Started: What do I need to know?
NeatWorks is a scanner and software solution that helps you organize your paper. Receipts, bills, medical forms, business cards...everything. It scans, analyzes and organizes your paper and stores it all in a database on your computer. There are a few basic concepts that will help you better understand how to use NeatWorks.
Before getting started, it may be helpful to review our answers to the following questions about folders, scanning, and finding your information:
Where can I get support and updates?
What are folders and why do I need them?

Using the Quick Scan Center

The Quick Scan Center enables you to quickly and easily scan documents, receipts, business cards, and even create PDF files without first launching the NeatWorks application. To do so, perform these steps:
1. Start the Quick Scan Center by selecting
2. Once the Neat Quick Scan Center is started, you can easily access it whenever you wish by double clicking the NeatWorks icon in the system tray on the bottom right side of your screen.
3. The Neat Quick Scan Center displays, as shown in the following illustration:
Start > All Programs > NeatWorks>Neat Quick Scan Center, as shown below: 2

4. The system will detect the document type for you automatically, or you can select the document type in the Document Type field.
5. Choose whether you want to scan in black & white or in color by selecting the appropriate option in the Color Options area.
6. If you are using the NeatDesk ADF scanner, which can scan two-sided images, you'll be able to select single-sided or double-sided scanning in the Scan Options field. Otherwise, the default setting is one-sided.
  7. If you are scanning a PDF, you can specify that the PDF opens automatically upon completion of scanning. To do so, click Open when done in the PDF Options field.
8. Click Scan to scan an item; the item displays in your queue. Scanned items will automatically load into the Inbox and be available for viewing and editing the next time you open NeatWorks. Note: If you scanned to PDF, the scanned item is not sent to the NeatWorks Inbox. You can save the PDF directly to My Documents or another location on your computer.

Welcome to version 4.0 of NeatWorks software. We're happy to announce the following new or enhanced features with this release:

• New User Interface: The menus and toolbars have been redesigned to make the application faster and easier to use.
Quick Scan Center: Using a batch-type scanning process, you can quickly and easily scan documents, receipts, business cards, and even create PDF files without first launching the NeatWorks application.
Inbox: The Inbox is where your scanned items display so that you can verify, edit and/or add notes before filing them in the appropriate organizer folder.
• Filmstrip View: The Filmstrip is used for viewing multi-image items in the image viewer of each organizer. If an item includes multiple images, the filmstrip displays at the bottom of the image viewer, allowing you to quickly scan through pages. If you click on a thumbnail in the filmstrip, it becomes the main image displayed.
• Keyword Search and Advanced Search: Use keyword search to find information by typing in words in the search box or use Advanced Search by selecting multiple criteria to drill down and find the receipt, business card, and document information you need.
• Archive: The new Archive feature enables you to zip and save information outside of the NeatWorks application for future retrieval. This will improve application speed as you archive old data sets outside the NeatWorks database.
• PDF: A new workflow makes scanning to PDF faster and easier, while the image quality of scans has been improved.

NeatWorks Digital Filing System Software for MacBefore getting started, we recommend taking a moment to familiarize yourself with our help system. Even seasoned NeatWorks users may benefit from reviewing information about our new features and how the software works. We appreciate your support, and are committed to providing solutions that organize your paper and simplify your life.

© 2008 The Neat Company

NeatReceipts has competition in the ScanShell 2000N


NeatWorks and Quicken compliment each other

NeatWorks Quicken Tutorial from Neat Co Website
Welcome to the Tutorial on Using NeatWorks with Quicken.
You can easily Try Neat  and quickly configure NeatWorks to export .QIF files directly into credit card, checking, and savings accounts. You can even split sales tax amount and maintain a history of exported transactions. Ready? Let’s begin.

In order to export your NeatWorks data directly into Quicken, you’ll have to tell NeatWorks how your Quicken accounts are configured. To do this, open your Quicken application and go to File > Export > QIF file.

Once you do this Quicken’s QIF screen opens. Select All Accounts and be sure that ONLY the Account List checkbox is checked.

Okay? Now you are ready to save your QIF file onto your computer hard drive. The first thing you’ll need to do is create a folder in My Documents and give it a name that you’ll remember. Once you have created the new folder, return to the QIF screen.  For full business software try Quickbooks Pro 2011 and Quickbooks Pro with enhanced payroll 2011
Select the Browse button and browse to the new folder that you’ve just created. Click the OK button. Your QIF file has been saved to the new folder.
Open NeatWorks and go to the Receipt Organizer.

Now, go to the main menu and select Import > Quicken (Accounts). The Manage Quicken Account screen displays. Select the Import button and browse to the folder where you saved your QIF file.

The ’Accounts’ Imported’ list shows you how many accounts are in your QIF file. Here, you can see all of your individual accounts and have the option of editing and/or deleting the accounts that you DO NOT want to send to NeatWorks. When you are through with this process, click the Import button. Your Quicken accounts have been imported toNeatWorks. Let’s continue.

Now, you are ready to export or NeatWorks data to Quicken. To do this, simply right-click the folder or the selected receipts that you want to EXPORT. From the main NeatWorks menu, select Export > Quicken (.QIF). The Confirm Your Selection screen displays.  You’ll notice that you have two options: ‘All visible receipts in the selected folder’ and ‘The Selected Receipts.’ Choose the option that best fits your needs. In this example, we are selecting the ‘All visible receipts in the selected folder’ option.  Click the Next button.  The Export Setup screen displays.

The Export Setup screen provides you with a summary of the folders and or receipts that you have selected to export.

Now, it’s time to select the Quicken Account that you want to send the selected data to. Select the Manage Quicken Accounts button. Here, you also have the option of splitting the sales tax allowing it to be calculated in the appropriate sales tax category in Quicken. Click the Continue button. A screen telling you that your export was successful will display.

Congratulations on the export – however you still have to do one more thing – you have to IMPORT this data into Quicken.

Go back to your Quicken application. Select File > Import > QIF. Now, browse to locate the QIF file.  Here. You will notice a dropdown arrow where it asks you what Quicken accounts to import to. Make sure that you select ‘All Accounts’ because the data in the QIF file generated by NeatWorks already contains data telling Quicken where to place each transaction. And, be sure that that the ‘Transaction’ checkbox is selected. Ready? Click, the ‘Next’ button.

Quicken now displays the account name that you selected to import into.  Click the ‘Yes’ button to continue. Then, click the ‘Done’ button as you are done!

So, let’s take a look at the account. You’ll notice that Quicken treats the NeatWorks data in exactly the same way as it does the data that was downloaded from your bank.

The data appears in the ‘Downloaded Transaction’ section. To add this data to your register, simply click the ‘Accept All’ button.  Also, keep in mind that if you selected for the sales tax to be split that this data will also be reflected in your Account Register.

It’s quick and easy to use NeatWorks with Quicken to manage and track your expenses

If you use Quicken or Quick books now you can Try Neat with the Neat Desk and use NeatWorks software to save you from spending hours entering date.  

Check out Neatreceipts

More info on organizing and portable scanners here.

The Flip Pal is truly innovative!

Also compare the Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner and the Amazing Flip Pal portable scanners. 

The Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner


Neatworks works for you.

An organized digital system to manage all the paper.

Scan in
Business Cards
Get back
Expense reports
Tax records
Searchable PDF files
Send to
Quicken®, QuickBooks®
Outlook®, Excel®
PDF, TurboTax®

From NeatCo website
NeatWorks gives you a system to manage all your important information. You scan in any kind of paper and then file it away in your own database.  Or you export data to the software you use.

NeatWorks uses OCR and patented parsing technology to identify and capture key information from the documents you need.  The software can recognize printed text and gives you information you can use.

Store. Organize. Secure. Think of it as a digital filing cabinet for your documents, business cards and receipts.  Except unlike the old paper monster in the corner, you can search for any item in this system simply by entering a keyword or date, place, project or any other information you choose.

NeatWorks is a better way to organize your paper. Rather than cluttering up your desk and file drawers, simply scan in any document and you’ll get a digital copy back that you can file in the system electronically.

NeatDesk and Neat Reciepts Video glowing review


This is a glowing review form the Eco-Vegan Gal.  She explains all the right reasons to Try Neat! She obviously loves the Neat Company and NeatWorks so hope you enjoyed the video. 
Buy a NeatDesk here at great prices. 


Try Neat Receipts for a new business

Here is an Article from 

If you are starting a business it is extremely important to keep clear and detailed records of your income and expenses.   Often entrepreneurs have their mind on other things besides record keeping and planning ahead for tax time.  However, it is much easier to keep track of receipts and expenses due to the improvements in scanning technology.  There are several portable and desk top scanners available that will be a great investment for anyone starting or growing a business. 

If you want to TRY NEAT you can go with NeatReceipts portable single sheet scanner that is the perfect size to take with you anywhere.  It is especially great for receipts of course it will handle larger documents also.  The Neatworks software is excellent and allows it allows you to key word search your documents once you have them on your computer. 

The Neat Company also has a powerful desktop scanner they have coined the Neat Desk.  It also has an automated document feed that will accept up to 50 documents at a time.  If you have a large number of invoices or billing sheets this machine will save you time and money in the long run. 

The people over at the Neat Company have created two very solid, user friendly scanners in Neat Desk and Neat Receipts. They are worth checking out. 

A couple of other scanner that were not mentioned in the article can be added to the list of great choices for scanners. 

Flip-Pal mobile scanner
The Flip Pal Portable Scanner
 TheFlip Pal is a very neat scanner that can scan go anywhere with you.  It is small enough for your brief case and it comes with stitching software that will let you scan an object in sections.  The software "stitches" a document because it will take more than one scan to get a normal sheet of paper into the Flip Pal.  But it is versatile and it even lets you scan photos on the wall and still in the frame.  

My favorite of all the portable scanners is the Vupoint Scanner called the Magic Wand.  This is the most portable and most useful of all the scanners in my opinion.  It is much different from anything that has been on the market in the past.  Instead of putting the document through the scanner, you wave the Vupoint Magic Wand over the document or pages of a book or magazine and it saves it to a micro disk to be down loaded to your computer for filing. 

Here are a couple of other scanners to check out.