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The Flip-Pal Portable Scanner

Here is another Word Press Blog Post that details a few of the many ways the Vupoint Portable Wand Scanner can be used. I am sure there are many more that can be added to the list. Once you get your Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner make up your own list of what you use this scanner for and let us know. You can read the blog in full by clicking the link below. 

Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner

 Vupoint Scanner Has Unlimited Uses

You might end up with two great scanners that are both priced very well.

The Vupoint Magic Wand Portable Scanner BUY HERE
can often be purchased for less than $90.00
However, this does not include a micro disk and this can create a bit of a headache if you didn't pick one up with the scanner. Your micro disk from you mobile phone will serve as a stop gap measure if you can't get back to the store and still get your scanning done on time.

Another choice in the New Portable Scanner Department is The Flip-Pal Portable Scanner. I think this is the prime candidate for running away with the mobile scanner business. It is small enough to be portable but with the special stitching software you can scan very large documents or photos still on the wall and in the frame. If you want to scan large numbers of photos on the wall or in your scrape book, The Flip Pal will be your favorite.

The Flip Pal BUY HERE
is very portable, runs on batteries and it saves scans to its micro disk. It does come with a micro disk and batteries. You are ready to roll in no time for under $150.00.

You can scan a picture just like you would on a flat bed scanner, but you can also Flip the Flip Pal over, take the bottom cover off and see exactly what you are scanning.  We are all going to love the choices for portable scanners this year. 

The Neat Desk

The third scanner that is also a wonderful device is from the Neat Company.  They have the slogan Try Neat for their website and sell Neat Receipts, and the Neatdesk.  This are first class machines and they are a bit higher in price but if you have large amounts of documents to scan that are standard or legal size, you will have to take the Neat Companies suggestion and Try Neat and pick up Neat Receipts, Neat DeskBUY HERE or both.

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