Neat Desk and the Digital Filing Revolution

Digital Filing is now the wave of the future for the storing of documents.  The old Microfiche method is long gone and scanning with a desktop or portable scanner that has digital filing capabilities is the way to manage the office.  The NeatDesk is your new office assistant that will allow you to get your receipts done in no time.  NeatDesk is capable of filing a wide range of sizes as it scans business cards or legal paper.  You will never worry about tax time again once you get Try Neat with NeatDesk. 

NeatDesk has unique tray for loading documents.

 There are many advantages for Digital Filing. 
  • it is very simple
  • saves paper
  • never lose items as long as you have a safety back up in remote location
  • ease of transfer to send or exchange documents online. 
  •  the use of tablets and pens such as the Bamboo tablet pen, documents never have to see the light of
  •  day.  Documents last forever and will never be worn, discolored or smudged, ripped or misplaced. 

The easiest way to do your digital filing is by going the Try Neat way with Neat Desk and Neat Receipts (the portable version of the Neat Desk from Neat Company).  The Neat Desk is a fantastic intelligent desk top scanner with digital filing capabilities.  Its unique tray has slots for business cards, post cards, and full size sheets of paper.  It will hold up to 50 documents at a time and the Automated document feed feature will make your switch to digital files a breeze. 

The patented NeatWorks software is just like having an office assistant who will digital file for you.  It reads your scans and will sort them to be keyword searched and retrieved later.  It is the simplest and most efficient way to turn your paper piles in to digital files.  The Neat Desk and Neat Receipts is the best bet for going green and lean with a switch to digital filing.
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