Neat Desk Gets Solid Reviews

Here is a very good review of the Neat Desk from Obsessable.com had a chance to Try Neat from the Neat Company. 

The Neat Desk ADF Scanner
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is solidly built and measuring 10.8 x 7.5 x 7 inches doesn't take up a ton of space on your desk. There's a removable document holder that offers slots for business cards, receipts, or regularly-sized documents, and you can remove this tray should you have larger format documents that need scanning (but bear in mind that 8.5 inches x 14 inches is as large as you can go). Without the paper tray, the device is capable of scanning 50 letter-sized documents at a time. The scanner can either scan one side of the document or both sides simultaneously, so a 100 page document living front and back on 50 pages can be scanned in rather easily. With the paper tray, you can also put all three types of documents in the scanner at once and it will scan all of them with a push of the button. In this mode, it can handle 10 of each type at a time.
Since Neat Company manufactures both the hardware and software that makes up the NeatDesk package, the scanner is nicely equipped with a regular scan button and a separate PDF button should you want to scan your document directly to PDF. The ADF in Neat ADF scanner stands for Automatic Document Feeder, and the scanner does a nice job of grabbing documents and putting them through a scan. It can scan in either black and white, grayscale, or full color at up to 600dpi resolution. Through the multiple scans we put the device through in our testing, it never grabbed more than one sheet at a time and never jammed. 
The speed of the scans varies depending upon whether you're scanning in high quality color or a lower-quality-setting black and white or grayscale, although there is no real difference in scan speeds between scanning front and back simultaneously or scanning only one side. However, post-scan processing takes a bit longer for two-sided documents. Neat claims that the device can scan 25 letter-sized pages per minute at 200 dpi black and white / grayscale or 8.5 pages per minute in color at the same resolution. Although we didn't conduct any real tests of the scan speeds besides the comic book test below, the overall speed of scanning for the NeatDesk adequate. 
I will have more of the review in upcoming posts.  You can Buy A NeatDesk Here at a great price. 

Buy a NeatDesk here under 389.00