NeatDesk ($399.95 or less Here) is The Neat Company's other scanner package, with the same software as the original NeatReceipts.  The NeatDesk is a major upgrade in function form the NeatReceipts and it comes with a much higher price.

NeatDesk open
The software is primarily for organizing your receipts under a key word but you can also scan business cards and post cards into the Automatic Document Feeder ADF.  The ADF can handle 50 pages at a time so if you have a lot of paper you can just drop it in and let NeatDesk take over.  This is a major improvement over the manual one at a time feed for NeatReceipts. 
The NeatDesk can get a lot done with its 24 PPM feed speed and custom slots for business cards and post card size documents. 

NeatReceipts (buy here) is really just a portable version of the NeatDesk but with very limited scanning options.  The NeatWorks software is still top notch with its keyword filing capabilities but the work horse for the Neat Company is the new NeatDesk.

More information on NeatDesk Here and Here