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NeatDesk Desktop Scanner for MAC

NeatDesk Desktop Scanner for MAC
The NeatDesk Desktop Scanner *BUY HERE* for MAC is a scanner system that allows a user to trade that pile of paper for digital information that is easy to store, access and edit. It will automatically find the important information on receipts that are scanned and can export them to PDF format files, as well as to Quicken and Excel. Taxes are easily done when receipts are scanned and turned into digital copies accepted by the IRS.

This system can handle up to ten documents at a time, or ten business cards, or ten receipts. It can handle up to a fifty-page document. Because it was specifically developed for the Mac, it will appear in a format that Mac users will find comfortably familiar.
A digital filing system such as the NeatDesk Desktop Scanner for MAC is great for creating a clutter free, paperless work site. It offers a digital version of a filing cabinet to store information safely and in an organized way so that it can be easily called up when needed. The NeatDesk has a convenient input tray with which a user can scan both sides of a document at once. The software for this device works seamlessly with Mac operating systems and features drag and drop functionality as well as Smart Collections. It works perfectly with Spotlight as well, so any file can be found with a simple search.
Business cards can be scanned to create a digital contact list with all of the information on the card. Receipts can be scanned to create expense reports, or to save digitalized copies of them for tax purposes. This offers an excellent way to keep track of dates, total expenditures, sales tax and different vendors. Documents can also be scanned and turned into PDF files. The text files can be edited after scanning.
However, when it comes down to actually working with the device, a lot of people have been rather disappointed in the function of the NeatDesk Desktop Scanner ***BUY HERE*** for MAC. It scored very low for ease of user and the software that came with it did not receive very good reviews from those people who used the scanner. On the plus side, the scanner itself is rated very well. It is quality workmanship and looks smart and scans quickly in black and white. However, when scanning in color, it scans very slowly and does not come close to the advertised speed.  Attractive shell aside, the NeatDesk Desktop Scanner for MAC did not perform up to par. Users complain that the scan, once complete, is then saved as a nearly illegible copy by the inferior software.  Another users lament having lost important documents to this scanner when a file became corrupted and all of the information scanned in was lost. Although all users seem to like the looks and design of the scanner itself, the software is a major disappointment. There is a lot of manual editing that will need to be done because the OCR is often poor. It misreads numbers on receipts and for one user, it only got about fifty percent correct when analyzing business cards.
Until the NeatDesk Company reworks the software and comes up with a software package worthy of their scanner, the NeatDesk Desktop Scanner for MAC does not rate very well.