NeatReceipts Video

Video for the NeatReceipts from the Neat Company.  This is such a
NeatReceipts is simple, easy and portable
life saver for anyone on the go.  It even accepts crumpled receipts or paper while straightening it out in the process.  The battery operated Neat Receipts Buy Here For $149 comes with the software called Neatworks.  The Neatworks software is what makes this portable scanner so good.  It has the ability to read the documents as they are scanned, taking relevant information off the paper and sorting your files.  You can then search your records by keyword.  It is a snap. 

It isn't the best if you have over 100 receipts at the end of the year but if you scan them once month or when you get them you will love NeatReceipts.  It is a great organizing, portable smart scanner. 

If you need a work horse scanner you can check out the NeatDesk at  It has the capacity handle up to 50 pages at at time.  It comes with the same excellent Neatworks software that virtually works as your personal assistant. 

Check out the video and Buy NeatReceipts Buy Here For $149