NeatWorks and Quicken compliment each other

NeatWorks Quicken Tutorial from Neat Co Website
Welcome to the Tutorial on Using NeatWorks with Quicken.
You can easily Try Neat  and quickly configure NeatWorks to export .QIF files directly into credit card, checking, and savings accounts. You can even split sales tax amount and maintain a history of exported transactions. Ready? Let’s begin.

In order to export your NeatWorks data directly into Quicken, you’ll have to tell NeatWorks how your Quicken accounts are configured. To do this, open your Quicken application and go to File > Export > QIF file.

Once you do this Quicken’s QIF screen opens. Select All Accounts and be sure that ONLY the Account List checkbox is checked.

Okay? Now you are ready to save your QIF file onto your computer hard drive. The first thing you’ll need to do is create a folder in My Documents and give it a name that you’ll remember. Once you have created the new folder, return to the QIF screen.  For full business software try Quickbooks Pro 2011 and Quickbooks Pro with enhanced payroll 2011
Select the Browse button and browse to the new folder that you’ve just created. Click the OK button. Your QIF file has been saved to the new folder.
Open NeatWorks and go to the Receipt Organizer.

Now, go to the main menu and select Import > Quicken (Accounts). The Manage Quicken Account screen displays. Select the Import button and browse to the folder where you saved your QIF file.

The ’Accounts’ Imported’ list shows you how many accounts are in your QIF file. Here, you can see all of your individual accounts and have the option of editing and/or deleting the accounts that you DO NOT want to send to NeatWorks. When you are through with this process, click the Import button. Your Quicken accounts have been imported toNeatWorks. Let’s continue.

Now, you are ready to export or NeatWorks data to Quicken. To do this, simply right-click the folder or the selected receipts that you want to EXPORT. From the main NeatWorks menu, select Export > Quicken (.QIF). The Confirm Your Selection screen displays.  You’ll notice that you have two options: ‘All visible receipts in the selected folder’ and ‘The Selected Receipts.’ Choose the option that best fits your needs. In this example, we are selecting the ‘All visible receipts in the selected folder’ option.  Click the Next button.  The Export Setup screen displays.

The Export Setup screen provides you with a summary of the folders and or receipts that you have selected to export.

Now, it’s time to select the Quicken Account that you want to send the selected data to. Select the Manage Quicken Accounts button. Here, you also have the option of splitting the sales tax allowing it to be calculated in the appropriate sales tax category in Quicken. Click the Continue button. A screen telling you that your export was successful will display.

Congratulations on the export – however you still have to do one more thing – you have to IMPORT this data into Quicken.

Go back to your Quicken application. Select File > Import > QIF. Now, browse to locate the QIF file.  Here. You will notice a dropdown arrow where it asks you what Quicken accounts to import to. Make sure that you select ‘All Accounts’ because the data in the QIF file generated by NeatWorks already contains data telling Quicken where to place each transaction. And, be sure that that the ‘Transaction’ checkbox is selected. Ready? Click, the ‘Next’ button.

Quicken now displays the account name that you selected to import into.  Click the ‘Yes’ button to continue. Then, click the ‘Done’ button as you are done!

So, let’s take a look at the account. You’ll notice that Quicken treats the NeatWorks data in exactly the same way as it does the data that was downloaded from your bank.

The data appears in the ‘Downloaded Transaction’ section. To add this data to your register, simply click the ‘Accept All’ button.  Also, keep in mind that if you selected for the sales tax to be split that this data will also be reflected in your Account Register.

It’s quick and easy to use NeatWorks with Quicken to manage and track your expenses

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