Neatworks works for you.

An organized digital system to manage all the paper.

Scan in
Business Cards
Get back
Expense reports
Tax records
Searchable PDF files
Send to
Quicken®, QuickBooks®
Outlook®, Excel®
PDF, TurboTax®

From NeatCo website
NeatWorks gives you a system to manage all your important information. You scan in any kind of paper and then file it away in your own database.  Or you export data to the software you use.

NeatWorks uses OCR and patented parsing technology to identify and capture key information from the documents you need.  The software can recognize printed text and gives you information you can use.

Store. Organize. Secure. Think of it as a digital filing cabinet for your documents, business cards and receipts.  Except unlike the old paper monster in the corner, you can search for any item in this system simply by entering a keyword or date, place, project or any other information you choose.

NeatWorks is a better way to organize your paper. Rather than cluttering up your desk and file drawers, simply scan in any document and you’ll get a digital copy back that you can file in the system electronically.