Organizing with NeatReceipts and the Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner

Organizing with NeatReceipts and the Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner

Organizing is not always easy but some people are very good at it and some people are the opposite.  But there are no hard and fast rules to being organized.  Everyone has to find what works for them and create their own system.  If you are more visual you may have to put together a system to keep your most important items organized and visible. 

You will likely run into space issues if you have to keep all of your files on your desk so this is were NeatReceipts or the Vupoint Magic Wand Digital Scanner can help you. 
The Neatworks software that scans, reads and categorizes your paper for future search by keyword makes inputting your paper work fairly simply by one sheet at a time.  It will allow you to keep your records in an easily accessible place that will be right in front of you on your computer screen.

The NeatDesk also uses Neatworks software and it had an automated document feed that accepts up to 50 pages at a time.  If you have a lot of paperwork this would be optimal for you. 

The Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner also can help you.  I like to use it with PaperPort organizational software.  It will let your organize all of your paper work and receipts in different folders and sub folders.  It will help you organize everything on your computer. 

If you are having trouble organizing your paperwork and receipts take a look at NeatReceipts, NeatWorks and The Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner.