Try Neat for all Your Receipts

We all have pulled out the shoe box come tax time with a sense of dread knowing we have folded, wrinkled and crumpled receipts to give to the account.  Usually we have some story about how busy were or that we forgot to get things ready.  However, this year can be different because there is digital filing scanner available that will do all the hard work for you. 

Neat Receipts and Neat Desk are the perfect candidates help you relieve your headaches while giving your accountant a break.  Digital filing has never been easier with Neat Desk and the awesome software called Neat Works. 

Neat Receipts is extremely small and portable and will scan one receipt at at time and is priced well under $200.00
Neat Works is the desktop digital filing scanner that is the work horse for the Neat Company.  You can load up to 50 documents at a time on the specially designed Automated Document Feed tray that has slots for business cards, post cards and full size sheets of paper.  Neat Works also has a the ability to accept those crumpled or folded receipts and it will straighten them out for you on the screen.  So your worries about sending in the shoe box full of crumpled receipts is now going to be a digitalized file of Neat Works. 

ADF Tray Smartly Designed
 It definitely is time to take advantage of this amazing technology and to Try Neat! Your account will love you for it and you will certainly have a Neat Desk all year long. 

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