Try Neat with Turbo Tax

NeatReceipts, a company committed to developing user-friendly mobile scanning solutions, today announced that its Scanalizer software is now compatible with TurboTax®, the leading tax preparation software

Users who scan in receipts can select a tax category from the drop down menu then use the NeatReceipts Tax Organizer to create category summaries that are exportable to TurboTax®. Those who are preparing their taxes on their own save time and energy and reduce the risk of manual error, as deductions are automatically placed in correct fields in TurboTax®.
  • NeatReceipts Receipt Organizer now supports more than 116 of the most common tax categories.
  • NeatReceipts provides information on each tax category within the interface to guide users through the deduction process. Links to appropriate sections of the IRS site are provided to address further questions.
  • NeatReceipts software reflects 2007 changes to tax rules.
  • According to the IRS, 73 million tax returns were e-filed in 2006 (20 million were filed from home computers).
  • The IRS has accepted scanned copies of receipts since 1997.
  • The Scanalizer will be featured in in-store promotions with TurboTax® at participating Staples throughout tax season.

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