Tryneat and NeatDesk Has New Competition

HP ScanJet Pro 3000 challenging

HP Scan Jet Professional 3000 has entered the digital document scanning market today! The product Hp has created is very similar to the NeatDesk and it has very similar capabilities.  These to Smart Scanners are priced in the same range and the HP should create enough of a foe for NeatDesk that the consumer may win out in the long run.  If NeatDesk has more competition in the likes HP Scan Jet Pro 3000 it could lead to a price war as both companies try to gain market share. 
The NeatDesk Set for Smart Scanner War

Here are are more details on the HP Scan Jet Pro 3000
The hardware for the HP is fairly standard and it is close to a carbon copy of the NEATDESK (Buy Here for $389) ) with the input and output trays closed. The ADF offers an identical capacity as the Neat Company with a 50 page capacity. The resolution of the HP is 600 ppi (pixels per inch) and is very sufficient for scanning any document or receipt.

I know HP will have a tremendous push to get their Scan Jet Pro 3000 into the public eye.  They likely have a considerable bigger bank roll for marketing and advertising than does the Neat Company.  It looks like we are in for an interesting battle of the Smart Scanners that will not end anytime soon. 

The TryNeat slogan might end up being changed to Try Harder if the Neat Desk can not fight off this formidable challenge. 

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