Why Try Neat? Neat Receipts for anyone on the Go

Why Try Neat?  Why not Try Neat? 

If you are a on the go and need to get a handle on your paper work and expense reports it is time to Try Neat.  NeatCo has created the ultra portable Neat Receipts Scanner with Neat Works software and it will be your personal assistant for on the road business. 

The time that can be saved by digitally filing your receipts and your paper work will be leading your increase in productivity.  If you are running a business you will be able to spend more time generating new sales leads and new sales. 

You can never under estimate the importance of organizing your office and your business.  In today's world you need to have some system set up to organize and Neat Receipts is the perfect place to start.  The Neat Receipts scanner does the job of about 3 asstistants and it will allow your sales and marketing people to concentrate on lead and sales generation by having a smart sanner at their disposal.  In today's we have massive amounts of paper work to sort through and it hurts productivity.  Neat Receipts and Neat Desk will address this issue for you and you will be able to allow your work force to concentrate on their sales and marketing efforts that will incrase your bottome line.

Yes all of this can happen if you Try Neat and get a Neat Desk or Neat Receipts Scanner.  The keyword search feature and the ability to read important information as it scans so it can automatically sort and file your documents is what sets the Neat Works software apart from other portable scanners.  Let Technology be your friend and it will improve your business, improve you home live and improve your bottom line as your business can return to the business of growing sales rather than spending countless hours doing paper work. 

Don't Wait! BUY A NEAT DESK OR NEAT RECEIPTS HERE and get into the world of digitally filing. 
Try Neat and you won't regret it. 


Neat Desk Video for Windows

NeatDesk for Windows
Check it out and Buy a Neat Desk HERE

TryNeat NeatDesk and NeatWorks to increase your free time

 A Few Ideas before you Try Neat and buy a NeatDesk

Find more information here and see if it is helpful. 

This scanner called Neat Desk is a great product.  One cool feature that often never gets mentioned is that the software can take wrinkled receipts and make them look unwrinkled after the scan.  Imagine how nice it would be to be able to get a clean scan of all your crumpled up receipts. I think this is a great way to get on top of your paperwork and put those demons to bed.  You can never underestimate the importance of excellent records and paper work.  It is hard to make a business grow and be great at paper work but the Neat Company is helping.Neat Receipts and NeatDesk both will be well worth your investment. 
NeatWorks Screen Shot
NeatReceipts is a mobile scanner and digital filing system for effecient managing of your overload of paper work and receipts. NeatWorks software is the highly functionaly software that is patented by Neat Company.  This smart program can actually scan read and file the documents for you.  It is extremely useful and efficient.  All scanned documents can be searched by keyword so you can find exactly what you need.

       CardScan Executive Card Scanner (Mac) 


Trying Neat, ITS EASY

You can Try Neat so easily of course but the best part is that it will reduce your work load almost immediately.  If you happen to be a little organizationally challenged like many entrepreneurs and creative people you will be extremely happy with Neat Receipts and the Neat Desk


The business owner is very focused and driven on growing their business and this is how they must be if they are to get ahead.  However, often this excessive drive and focus leads to some inefficient accounting or organization.  The leading technology of the day will change that if people take advantage of Neat Works, Neat Desk, Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner, the Flip Pal portable scanner and the soon to be realised capture ID that is the charged up business version of the Flip Pal from Couragent. 

Buy The Capture ID and the Flip Pal Here

The software called Neat Works for the Neat Desk and Neat Receipts scanners is the kicker though.  It has the capability to read the documents as they are scanned and sort them and file them for you.  The Neat Desk ADF tray can accept up to 50 pages at time.  You have to Try Neat because they have hit a home run with this software and these smart scanners. 


Try Neat with Neat Works Review

Try Neat
This review is from: NeatWorks Digital Filing System Software for Mac (CD-ROM) from Amazon customer reviews
This software has handled all the receipts I could run through and it has met my expectaions and then some.  It was well worth the price and it will certainly increase my productivity enormously and it will give me an outstanding return on investment. 

The Neat Desk came in a bundle with the software from the Apple Store . It easily took my receipts and scanned them and sorted them allowing me to do my expense reports in record time and have them fully saved as digital files that can be used for email or to create a PDf if they are needed by the accounting department  The auto document feed tray is an excellent feature that makes life so much easier. 
The scanner AND THE SOFTWARE  compliment each other well and operate seemlessly.

The Neat Desk processed the receipts and easily picked out important information that was need to sort and file my paperwork. The software is extremely user friendly and allows easy moving and rearranging of data to get reports done just right.  The Neat Receipts is perfect for traveling abroad on business.  I can keep track of every penny and worry about conversions later. 
It is hard to fine anyone who has seen the NeatDesk and NeatReceipts and is not impressed by the functionality of both scanners.  The same is true for the Neatworks software that adds to the scanners ease of use. 

So Try Neat and Neatworks and get organized today.  If you interested in more information on portable scanners be sure to visit these other sites loaded with information on the Vupoint Wand Scanner, the FlipPal, Neatdesk and Neat Receipts. 

Try A Neat Desk HERE


Try Neat has Some New Competition From Couragent's Capture ID

Flip-Pal mobile scanner Carry Case - Blue
The Flip Pal Carry Case

The Capture ID is brilliant

The Flip Pal now has an upgraded business version that will battleTryNeat's NeatDesk, Vupoint Point Magic Wand, NeatReceipts, Scansnap by fujitsu and the Iriscan Anywhere 2
The Capture-ID mobile scanner is wireless, accurate, and reliable for digital capture of documents and identity information away from the desk.  This saves time,improves productivity, and reduces the risk and cost of handling paper.

Paralegals, insurance agents, realtors, and others can scan documents at their client's site when a copier is unavailable and take it with them immediately.  

Security, medical offices, hotel registration, public events (concerts, sports), and others can scan small-format personal identification such as business cards, drivers' licenses, passports, insurance cards, and notes that are difficult with a slide, wand, or sheet-feed style of scanner.
This provides retention, archive, search/retrieval, and verification on a server or 'in the cloud' rather than relying on visual comparison or paper

Better than desktop scanners, All-in-One printers, or copiers, the Capture-ID™ mobile scanner:
  • Reliably and accurately captures documents while away from the desk.  No computer is required to scan.
Better than portable sheet-feed and wand scanners, the Capture-ID™ mobile scanner:
  • Scan-in-binding technology.  Patent pending. Reduces the distortion and strain on the binding typical of copiers and other scanners by scanning close into the inside edge of a bound document or book.
  • Wireless.  Instant transfer of scan with geotagged data to a PC, server, and/or the 'cloud' with its wireless accessory
  • Versatile. Stitches multiple scans to any size into larger output, retaining high detail, with its stitching firmware and software
  • Mobile.  Lightweight, Compact and reliable
  • Reduces risk of a incomplete scan and provides ease of use with previewing on its LCD


Try Neat Why Not?

Try Neat Why Not?

NeatDesk or NeatReceipts?  Take your pick and relax.  If you have large volumes of receipts and papers to file then go with the Neat Desk  the ADF tray that accepts up to 50 pages at a time.  If you are in need of a portable, versatile scanner for receipts and expense records then you can go with NeatReceipts.(BUY NEAT RECEIPTS HERE) and
(THE NEATDESK HERE)  also get (help deciding what scanner is best for you here)

Buy A NeatDesk Here

There is no reason for you to not TryNeat and experience a world class intelligent scanner.  You can have all your papers sorted, filed and organized in one night.  Just imagine if you only had to spend one night a month to ensure you had a perfect record of all your receipts, financial transactions, bank statements and credit card statements at the end of the year. 

Try Neat and think of all the ways you could better spend your time now that you don't have to hunt for you lose receipts, records and spend night after night sorting out a shoe box full of papers that are in no particular order. 

Now imagine after you Try Neat that you can go back to your computer and search for any receipt or record by keyword to quickly acess your whatever you need for your expense accounts and taxes.  It is easy to forget that sorting through and organizing the shoebox is only half of the battle.  Even if you spend several hours organizing and sorting your paperwork you will still have to search through it all again to find what you need for your accountant.  NeatWorks solves that problem for you and it reads the important information as it scans so it knows right where to file your documents.  You might think you are trying out an office assistant when you Try Neat!

Don't wait another day!  It is time to BUY NEAT and TryNeat! before you waste any more of your precious time going through shoe boxes full of receipts. 

If you are a scrapbooker then check out the Flip Pal Portable Scanner


30 day free trial lets you TryNeat Risk Free

30 day free trial  available on the NeatDesk and Neat Receipts from Neat Company



It is fairly standard that you can get your money back on products that do not meet your expectations or that are unsatisfactory.  Most online retailers and traditional merchants know that if you do not give people a chance to bring things back  a lot of people will shop elsewhere.  The Neat Company is pushing the free 30 trial pretty firmly in their advertisement on television and in their pay per click campaign. 

They seem fairly confident in the product but it is a smart sales tactic to try and get people to buy from the company directly.  They know Amazon or affiliate marketers will be unable to match their NeatFree policy and since you can get a better price on the NeatDesk at Amazon,Neat Co is trying to avoid paying commissions on Amazon Sales.  The prices are lower and to get 30 days to try the machine if you are willing to send it back if you don't like it.  Amazon has a 30 day return policy on all electronics as long as you have the original packaging and the unit is not damaged. 

It is best to search for the best price and then make your purchase.  If it is through Amazon you can be sure they will want you to be satisfied with your purchase so you will come back and shop again.

You can find the best prices for the Neat Products that will be Neat to Try.

Try the Flip Pal Here