30 day free trial lets you TryNeat Risk Free

30 day free trial  available on the NeatDesk and Neat Receipts from Neat Company



It is fairly standard that you can get your money back on products that do not meet your expectations or that are unsatisfactory.  Most online retailers and traditional merchants know that if you do not give people a chance to bring things back  a lot of people will shop elsewhere.  The Neat Company is pushing the free 30 trial pretty firmly in their advertisement on television and in their pay per click campaign. 

They seem fairly confident in the product but it is a smart sales tactic to try and get people to buy from the company directly.  They know Amazon or affiliate marketers will be unable to match their NeatFree policy and since you can get a better price on the NeatDesk at Amazon,Neat Co is trying to avoid paying commissions on Amazon Sales.  The prices are lower and to get 30 days to try the machine if you are willing to send it back if you don't like it.  Amazon has a 30 day return policy on all electronics as long as you have the original packaging and the unit is not damaged. 

It is best to search for the best price and then make your purchase.  If it is through Amazon you can be sure they will want you to be satisfied with your purchase so you will come back and shop again.

You can find the best prices for the Neat Products that will be Neat to Try.

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