Try Neat has Some New Competition From Couragent's Capture ID

Flip-Pal mobile scanner Carry Case - Blue
The Flip Pal Carry Case

The Capture ID is brilliant

The Flip Pal now has an upgraded business version that will battleTryNeat's NeatDesk, Vupoint Point Magic Wand, NeatReceipts, Scansnap by fujitsu and the Iriscan Anywhere 2
The Capture-ID mobile scanner is wireless, accurate, and reliable for digital capture of documents and identity information away from the desk.  This saves time,improves productivity, and reduces the risk and cost of handling paper.

Paralegals, insurance agents, realtors, and others can scan documents at their client's site when a copier is unavailable and take it with them immediately.  

Security, medical offices, hotel registration, public events (concerts, sports), and others can scan small-format personal identification such as business cards, drivers' licenses, passports, insurance cards, and notes that are difficult with a slide, wand, or sheet-feed style of scanner.
This provides retention, archive, search/retrieval, and verification on a server or 'in the cloud' rather than relying on visual comparison or paper

Better than desktop scanners, All-in-One printers, or copiers, the Capture-ID™ mobile scanner:
  • Reliably and accurately captures documents while away from the desk.  No computer is required to scan.
Better than portable sheet-feed and wand scanners, the Capture-ID™ mobile scanner:
  • Scan-in-binding technology.  Patent pending. Reduces the distortion and strain on the binding typical of copiers and other scanners by scanning close into the inside edge of a bound document or book.
  • Wireless.  Instant transfer of scan with geotagged data to a PC, server, and/or the 'cloud' with its wireless accessory
  • Versatile. Stitches multiple scans to any size into larger output, retaining high detail, with its stitching firmware and software
  • Mobile.  Lightweight, Compact and reliable
  • Reduces risk of a incomplete scan and provides ease of use with previewing on its LCD