Try Neat Why Not?

Try Neat Why Not?

NeatDesk or NeatReceipts?  Take your pick and relax.  If you have large volumes of receipts and papers to file then go with the Neat Desk  the ADF tray that accepts up to 50 pages at a time.  If you are in need of a portable, versatile scanner for receipts and expense records then you can go with NeatReceipts.(BUY NEAT RECEIPTS HERE) and
(THE NEATDESK HERE)  also get (help deciding what scanner is best for you here)

Buy A NeatDesk Here

There is no reason for you to not TryNeat and experience a world class intelligent scanner.  You can have all your papers sorted, filed and organized in one night.  Just imagine if you only had to spend one night a month to ensure you had a perfect record of all your receipts, financial transactions, bank statements and credit card statements at the end of the year. 

Try Neat and think of all the ways you could better spend your time now that you don't have to hunt for you lose receipts, records and spend night after night sorting out a shoe box full of papers that are in no particular order. 

Now imagine after you Try Neat that you can go back to your computer and search for any receipt or record by keyword to quickly acess your whatever you need for your expense accounts and taxes.  It is easy to forget that sorting through and organizing the shoebox is only half of the battle.  Even if you spend several hours organizing and sorting your paperwork you will still have to search through it all again to find what you need for your accountant.  NeatWorks solves that problem for you and it reads the important information as it scans so it knows right where to file your documents.  You might think you are trying out an office assistant when you Try Neat!

Don't wait another day!  It is time to BUY NEAT and TryNeat! before you waste any more of your precious time going through shoe boxes full of receipts. 

If you are a scrapbooker then check out the Flip Pal Portable Scanner