Try Neat with Neat Works Review

Try Neat
This review is from: NeatWorks Digital Filing System Software for Mac (CD-ROM) from Amazon customer reviews
This software has handled all the receipts I could run through and it has met my expectaions and then some.  It was well worth the price and it will certainly increase my productivity enormously and it will give me an outstanding return on investment. 

The Neat Desk came in a bundle with the software from the Apple Store . It easily took my receipts and scanned them and sorted them allowing me to do my expense reports in record time and have them fully saved as digital files that can be used for email or to create a PDf if they are needed by the accounting department  The auto document feed tray is an excellent feature that makes life so much easier. 
The scanner AND THE SOFTWARE  compliment each other well and operate seemlessly.

The Neat Desk processed the receipts and easily picked out important information that was need to sort and file my paperwork. The software is extremely user friendly and allows easy moving and rearranging of data to get reports done just right.  The Neat Receipts is perfect for traveling abroad on business.  I can keep track of every penny and worry about conversions later. 
It is hard to fine anyone who has seen the NeatDesk and NeatReceipts and is not impressed by the functionality of both scanners.  The same is true for the Neatworks software that adds to the scanners ease of use. 

So Try Neat and Neatworks and get organized today.  If you interested in more information on portable scanners be sure to visit these other sites loaded with information on the Vupoint Wand Scanner, the FlipPal, Neatdesk and Neat Receipts. 

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