Trying Neat, ITS EASY

You can Try Neat so easily of course but the best part is that it will reduce your work load almost immediately.  If you happen to be a little organizationally challenged like many entrepreneurs and creative people you will be extremely happy with Neat Receipts and the Neat Desk


The business owner is very focused and driven on growing their business and this is how they must be if they are to get ahead.  However, often this excessive drive and focus leads to some inefficient accounting or organization.  The leading technology of the day will change that if people take advantage of Neat Works, Neat Desk, Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner, the Flip Pal portable scanner and the soon to be realised capture ID that is the charged up business version of the Flip Pal from Couragent. 

Buy The Capture ID and the Flip Pal Here

The software called Neat Works for the Neat Desk and Neat Receipts scanners is the kicker though.  It has the capability to read the documents as they are scanned and sort them and file them for you.  The Neat Desk ADF tray can accept up to 50 pages at time.  You have to Try Neat because they have hit a home run with this software and these smart scanners.