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Ever feel overwhelmed by the piles of paperwork on your desk? 

Ever wish you could just put it in the scanner and let it sort itself out?  I have wanted to do this plenty of times! Now there is a way to just drop about 50 pages into the feed tray of the NeatDesk Scanner and let the NeatWorks Software take over. 

The Neat Co has created a software that will automatically file your papers and sort them by keyword.  The brilliant software will search your scans for key words and then sort the for you.   on your paper and sort them for keyword search and retrieval later.  The Automatic Document Feeder allows you to put several papers in at one time.  The ADF accepts, reads, scans, sorts and files your one by one. 

The NeatDesk BUY HERE $387 is a life saver for anyone in business or working as a sales person.  If you have a high quantity of paperwork the NeatDesk is almost like having a paid assistant.

Take a look at the screen shot for the special Neat Co Software that is the game changer for the NeatDesk. 

We all know that the scanning is always the hard part but it is sorting and filing the scans once they are on your PC.  But now the NeatDesk and its mini partner Neat Receipts, our wish for a smart scanner that nearly runs its self has been granted. 

Neat Receipt
Don't spend another suffering under that enormously stressful pile of paperwork that you need for Uncle Sam.  Pick up a NeatDesk Document Scanner and breath a sigh of relief.  It is January so you can start the new year off right if you just Try Neat and buy a NeatDesk scanner.
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Now here is a way for you to set yourself up for a very easy and less stressful tax season. Neat Receipts and NeatDesk will integrate your receipts with tax software such as turbo tax or upload your information from Quickbooks in to Neatworks and have everything in place for the end of the year. 

If you are running a business you can never underestimate the importance of paper work and NeatReceipts (Buy Here) will take care of any lost paper problems.  However, there are a few other options you may want to look at that will complement the NEAT Company products. 
You can get plenty of use out of the Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner if you are doing any type of research or if you just want something that is radically different than the document scanners of yesterday.  You can also run the Vupoint Scanner on batteries and record your scans on the micro disk.  No computer is necessary to record scans and it uses double AA batteries so you do not have to rely on your computer power to run your scanner.  Vupoint Wand Scanner is fully equipped with a USB capability and comes with Image recognition software.  It is a super scanner for the money and it is truly something different. 

You can also consider the Iris scan anywhere 2 or
Flip-Pal mobile scanner
the Flippal Portable Scanner
Both of these scanners are very functional and the Flip Pal is awesome for scanning pictures and converting everything, including pictures on the wall, into digital. 

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