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The business of paper work is not always on the mind of sales people or risk takers who start up new businesses but it this can cause problems in the future.  Two scanners that can help avoid the paperwork problems are available here and are called NeatReceipts and NeatWorks.    

The last thing you need to have on your mind when you are starting your new business is an issue with lost receipts or lost expense account notes.  entrepreneurs have to think about running their business and generating sales rather than spend hours being an account on top of being sales person and manager.

Today's Technology makes life so much easier by allowing all your documents to be scanned into digital form and kept neatly on your computer.  A scanner is the first thing you need to buy before you get overwhelmed by the load of paperwork. 

You should look at several different scanners before you make your decision to buy but you can start here and look at the models available from the Neat company.  Neat sells the Neatdesk and the NeatReceipts scanners and they have excellent software as well.

The desk top scanner is so powerful ( the neatdesk) that is is a perfect scanner for many applications and you should considering buying a Neat Desk.  It also has an automated document feed that will accept up to 50 documents at a time.  If you have a large number of invoices or billing sheets this machine will save you time and money in the long run. 
The Neat Company brain truss has created two top of the line scanners that can be of service to just about anyone.  Try them out here.  Neat Desk and Neat Receipts. They are worth checking out. 

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