The Flip Pal attracts new fans, everyone loves the Flip-Pal

Flip-Pal mobile scanner
Flip And Scan Technology From the Flip-Pal

The Flip-Pal Scanner is a portable document and object scanner like no other.  It is so versatile and user friendly that you will be amazed.  What is so great about the Flip-Pal is its ultra portability and its scan in place technology created by Rocky Mountain Ventures Company (now called Couragent).  The patented design of the Flip-Pal lets you see through the scanner in order to view what you are scanning. 

The Flip Pal is everything you never thought you would get in a Scanner
 You take out your scrap book and scan all the pictures inside just by placing the scanner on the page.  You can leave the picture in the book and simply scan all of your pictures so you can keep a digital copy of your fondest items. 

Did anyone ever think there would be such a scanner?  Now if you can believe that you can scan out of a scrap book, wait until you hear what else you can do with the Flip-Pal mobile scanner.  How about scanning photos in place, even if they are still in the frame and still on the wall?  Now that is quite an accomplishment.  Imagine every one's grandmother getting to have a fully digitized copy of all of the photos hanging on the wall that give her precious memories of all her wonderful grandchildren. 

Don't you think grandma would like to be able to have a digital copy of all the photographs to hand down from generation to generation?  I think she would love it. 

Another bonus would be the knowledge that the pictures would be save, clean and never again fading or getting dull over the years.  The digital copy scanned with the Flip-Pal Scanner would be like keeping your photos in sealed package with all of the air extracted yet without the worry of all the problems that would arise by opening the bag.  The Flip-Pal's scan in place technology is already changing the way we keep our family photos while changing landscape of how items get scanned. 

The Flip-Pal is equipped with amazing stitching software that turns this mini scanner into a monster of productivity.  This Scanner can fit in your purse or briefcase yet it can scan large documents and pictures by chunking it in to sections.  The scanner software allows you to use several sectional scans of a large document that will be seamlessly created into one large scan.  It is extremely creative, useful and new. 

The creative suite software just added from Couragent is ideal for anyone interested in arts and crafts.  You now have a away to keep your creations digitally with ease. 

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The future of scanning has arrive with the Flip-Pal mobile scanner.  (Buy here for under $150.00)