Flip-Pal announces creative suite package

The Flip-Pal now has announced the creative suite software that is sweet for anyone involved in arts and crafts.  The creative suite is now available at the Flip Pal web site.

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The Flip Pal is the flag ship product for Couragent, formerly known as Rocky Mountain Ventures LLC, and last week they announced this brilliant creative suite software that turns the Flip Pal into an eveN better scanner, if that is possible.  This is the mark of a great company with creative minds.  Improving on a brilliant product like the Flip-Pal is not easy and highly unlikely once a company scores a hit.  Much like Apple, Couragent is continually working on innovation and improving amazing products. 

Flip-pal mobile scanner with Creative Suite Craft Edition DVD
the Flip-Pal and Craft Version Creative Suite Software Here
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Couragent is soon releasing the ( "the Flip-Pal II) later this year as they introduce the Capture-ID.  Technically this is not the Flip-Pal II but it is the slightly larger version for business.  The bonus for the Capture-ID is the scan to binding technology that has been a long time coming for a scanner.  This technology allows the wave that is always in play when trying to scan the page of a bound book to be eliminated.  Some how, some way the brilliant minds at Couragent have figured out how to straighten the portion of the page that is close to the binding and would always appear as a wave.