How to Buy a Scanner? Try Neat

When you Buy A Scanner, you should Try Neat and get A Neat Receipts Portable Scanner.  The NeatReceipts scanner and Neatworks software lives up to the hype and it does things that make scanning and organizing much easier and faster. 

If you scan receipts that are shorter than 8.5 inches you can insert the receipts in side ways and the Neatworks software will automatically rotate and crop the scan for you.  It is very cool.  If you buy a scanner for your receipts or your business, Try Neat and Buy A Scanner.  You will see a drastic reduction in your paper clutter and you will improve your productivity the first day you use the NeatReceipts Scanner. 

I love NeatReceipts and I love using the NeatWorks software.  It has already cleared much of my paper work mess from my desk and made it much easier to find things.  I also don't have to worry about losing paper work since it is saved on to my computer.

You can find out more information on the TryNeat line of scanners and before you buy a scanner go to the the website and get more information for your purchase. 

The Flip Pal Portable Scanner is  must have for 2011