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Here is a good article detailing more about The Flip-Pal Portable Scanner. Read more on the latest innovations in at  FlipPal Portable scanner and get more information the amazing mobile scanners available from Couragent, formerly known as rocky mountain ventures, HERE.

now available with Blue Tooth technology to make scanning even easier.  No longer is is necessary to transfer files to from micro disk to computer or other device.  Just make your scanner discoverable and sync it with your computer and the easiest scanner ever just become even easier.  Buy a Scanner that will work for you. 

The Flip-Pal is one of the best scanners you can buy for mobile scanning. Once you decide to Buy a Scanner you are going to have to take a look at the Flip-Pal Scanner  and buy a scanner from Couragent LLC, the creators of this one of kind scanner.  It is time to get in the shopping mode so you can beat the Christmas rush.  The Flip Pal scanner has been on the market for about a little over a year now but this is the first holiday season that it will have been widely know and it will be selling quickly. 

Sooner or later everyone will have to get used to the digital world and learn how to scan all of their documents into a format that is easily transferable electronically and that can be emailed.  We are moving quickly away from the the days of paper and hard copies.  Electronic files will soon be accepted as as legal copy just as the fax copy became a legal way to bind a contract years ago. 

If you are considering getting your paperwork in order, getting your office better organized and having more free to spend with your loved ones then you need to get a scanner. 

You have a lot of options now but the best choice with the widest range of uses, the best price and the most innovative has to be the Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner with Creative Suite and USB Stick.  It runs on batteries and you can now transfer all your photos and other documents easily to your computer with the USB Stick rather than just using a micro disk.  You get amazing portability and ease of use as well as being able to scan larger objects that are bigger than the scanning area because of the easy stitch software that will take your partial scans and magically put them together into single seamless document on your computer. 

Check it out today and give one a try.  You have a full 30 days to get your money back if you are not satisfied and Couragent LLC gives you a full one year limited warranty.  This is a new company that is the result of The layoff of Gordon Nutall who worked for HP.  He decided to risk just about everything to go out on his own and create the Flip-Pal that has been released by Couragent LLC, formerly known as Rocky Mountain Ventures.  Nutall was featured this recently on CNN  Money and has been increasing in popularity along with the company products.  The Flip-Pal scanner is the company flagship and it will soon be followed by the Larger business version called the Capture-ID. 

The Capture-ID comes equipped with new scan to binding technology that will make perfect scans right out of a bound book without that page wave everyone hates.  The Capture-ID will take the wand from the Flip-Pal and continue to lead the scanner race. 



Try Neat not so Neat Review

From the Lawyerist.com

The NeatDesk desktop scanner is the main competitor to our favorite document scanner, the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500, is probably the NeatDesk Desktop Scanner (NeatDesk is also available for Mac). Last week, Joel Johnson of BoingBoing Gadgets got his hands on one, and spent a few hours putting it through its paces.
His verdict: the NeatDesk desktop scanner is not worth it. Consider the ScanSnap
s1500 instead.

Update: Neat is sending us a a NeatDesk scanner to try. We’ll try Neat and let you know what we think in a separate review post.
That being the case, I found this observation about the NeatDesk odd: “its first problem is that it’s simply a scanner, and a sheet-fed one at that . . . .” Er, yes, that is kind of the point. In a world of ubiquitous multi-function-printers, we think document scanners still play an important role.
Joel’s point about the odd NeatDesk document slots limiting the number of documents, however, is well-taken, even if that assembly can be removed. He also pans the software and optical character recognition (OCR) included with the scanner.
Consider this. The ScanSnap comes with licensed copy of Acrobat At, a $300-$460 product. It also includes various utilities (that some will find more useful than others). But the NeatDesk comes with only a license code for a copy of Neat Library, which is not included in the box. The equivalent Fujitsu software (and more) is free and included in the box.
The NeatDesk OCR apparently needs a lot of work, as well. Joel had trouble getting it to recognize basic text like “.com” in a website address on a business card.
I am not likely to give up my ScanSnap s1500 anytime soon. I already know it provides excellent value, quality, and utility. Based on Joel’s review and the spec sheet, I think I would be paying more and getting less with the NeatDesk.
A couple of hours with the NeatDesk scanner (Verdict: not worth the time or trouble)

This is one of the few negative reviews I have heard about the NeatDesk.  I have heard both sides of the story however, but it seems like most people like it when it does what Neat Co Says it can do.  I have seen the Try Neat slogan for the Neat Company everywhere lately.  It seems like they are pumping a lot ad dollars into this campaign.  I think Neat Works is a good program.  But there has been a few negative reviews.

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