Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner and PE-design software

The Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner is AMAZING! You can take a standard photo of just about anything and have it set up to be recreated on your embroidery machine. Here are several examples of how things will turn out. You can see how much grandparents would love to have an image of their grandchildren on their carry bag or throw pillows.

It is hard to believe what you can create by combining the
Flip-Pal™ Mobile Scanner while using the PhotoStitch™ feature in PE-DESIGN
TM Software

The photos are taken from the Brother Website


The Flip Pal Mobile scanner is the most innovative product to hit the technology market in years.  Take a look at the following pictures that were scanned by the Flip-Pal and then recreated as an embroidery.  The possibilities available for a Flip Pal Scanner are limited only by your imagination.