Important Flip-Pal Questions Answered

The Flip-Pal is not designed to scan negatives or slides, which would require a separate light source in the lid, increasing costs and complexity. What is needed for scanning slides is a  dedicated film scanner rather than Flip-Pal, but these film scanners are extremely expensive.

You can get your slides scanned or processed  at the local photo processing shop or you can find companies with these capabilities online. 

Yes.  There is a small LCD display on the top of the scanner that allows you to see what you are scanning.  Also the Flip and Scan technology allows you to see through the scanner so you can view what you are scanning throughout the process.  
(Screen specs- 1.7-inch color LCD display)

The Flip-Pal scanner in the testing sample made over 100,000 scans without failure. 


Flip Pal Video on how to transfer and scan textures

Consider buying a scanner call the Flip Pal.  I have just seen an excellent video on how to use the Flip Pal over at the  This video goes into great detail on how to use the Flip Pal, how to transfer scanned and how to scan textures and fabrics.  It is the perfect video to watch if you love to scrap book, need a receipt scanner or if you are looking for an excellent portable receipt scanner that runs on batteries.  The Flip-Pal can be used without the computer anytime anywhere.  It is very simple yet very functional and new technology. If you need to buy a scanner then should look no further.  You will not find a better deal on a portable scanner. 
A scanner is going to save you time and money in the long run and it will increase your personal freedom.  People are in love with the features of this scanner and often don't know about it until they start to do their research in order to buy a scanner this is right for them.  Once they see the Flip-Pal they are sold.  There decision to buy a scanner is made immediately and more and more rave revues are coming in daily.  See more of them here.

You can see how you can increase your creativity with the many options afforded by the Flip Pal.
Watch the Video HERE.

List of what Flip-Pal can scan

I had mentioned in the last post about the amazing ability to take a Flip-Pal scan and turn it into amazing embroidery so you should be well aware that theFlip-Pal is no ordinary scanner.  It is one of those new gadgets thatcomes along ever so often that surprises people and makes them wonder how thegot along without one.  You will certainly be scratching your head andasking yourself the same question after you purchase the Flip Pal.

Here is a list of some of the items you can scan with Flip and Scantechnology:

The Flip-Pal with USB stick now available
  1. Documents
  2. Receipts
  3. Legal size documents 
  4. Larger than legal size documents
  5. Passports
  6. Licenses 
  7. Small photos
  8. Large photos 
  9. Extra large photo
  10. Hand written notes 
  11. Coins
  12. Dollar bills
  13. Photos in the frame and on the wall
  14. Text books
  15. Magazine pages and covers
  16. Time cards 
  17. Business cards
  18. Post cards 
  19. Fabrics 
  20. Head stones 
  21. Engraved stone and granite
  22. Extra large topography maps
  23. Wood grain
  24. Concert or event tickets

The list can go on and on but this is a great start.  Your applications for use of the Flip-Pal scanner are endless and I am sure customers will come up with many more ways to apply this Flip-and Scan Technology that has been patented by the Couragent Company.  

You can read more about the partnership with the Brother Corporation that has created the ability to use the Flip Pal for creating embroidery patterns HERE

Buying A Scanner is Easy

Buying a scanner does not have to be difficult, nor does picking out the right scanner.  Reducing your paperwork to neat digital files will make your life much less stressful. You will also be able to scan your old letters, articles, invoices and receipts so that you will never again have to worry about damaging or losing something precious.

The innovative and powerful Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner.  Be sure to check this one out when buying a scanner. 
The most important question that comes to mind once you commit to buying a scanner will be regarding making right decision on type and model.

You can make buying a scanner much easier if you ask yourself a few questions about scanners.  These questions I have listed will get you started with the process of narrowing down your choices.   You can keep from letting things get to complicated during the scanner buying process by doing your homework and checking out a few of the recommended articles and web sites that give good scanner reviews.

I think you can narrow the categories of scanners down very easily by just listing the truly portable scanners that work away from the computer and those that only work while they are attached to a PC or lap top. There are only a couple of choices that give you the true freedom of mobility and scanning on the go but after you go over these questions I will give a the best options to begin the buying a scanner process.
Buying a Scanner questions that will narrow down your choices.

1. Do you want a portable scanner that you can take with you anywhere, make scans with out being tethered to the computer and have the scanner run fully on batteries?
2. Do you want to buy a scanner that is not really mobile but it is small enough to move from place to place but is not capable of making scans unless it is hooked up to the computer?
3. Do you have lots of old photos you would like to scan quickly and easily that are the standard size such as a 4x6 print?
4. Do you want to buy a scanner that is less than $200, less that $150, less than $100? Or can you afford to spend close to $400 to make sure you get the exact scanner that is right for you?
Now that you have answered these questions you will need to do a little more research. This is the most important part of buying a scanner in order to ensure you do not make a purchase that will prove to be no help in organizing and eliminating your piles of paper work.
Here are the best options for you.

The Flip-pal Mobile Scanner can be used for the most applications and has more uses than all other scanners,  it can scan small or large objects, can be run on batteries, can use USB stick to store scans until you load them on the computer.

You will not be extremely happy when buying this scanner because it is so versatile  It can scan pictures in the frame and still no the wall. It also needs no computer tether to make scans as I mentioned earlier.  It is a tiny but powerful device but the amazing stitching software allows you to stitch together multiple smaller scans to create much larger replica. It is something to see. 

Check out The Flip-Pal Here

The other model of scanner to view in your buying a scanner process is the Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner. This is small in size but large in ability.  It easily scans 8.5 x 11 sheets with one pass and can scan even longer documents. It does not allow the scanning of anything wider with one pass however and it is not equipped with stitching software capability. 
It works just as it sounds it would when you wave the Magic wand or slide it across your document to make the scan. The document scan is then immediately saved to the micro disk that will store a large capacity of single sheet scans.   It is the perfect scanner for scanning pages out of books, magazines and receipts.  The Vupoint Magic Wand operates on batteries unattached to the computer  This scanner will be ideal for your business expenses or for even taking on the road. 

Buy a Scanner from Vupoint Solutions
Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner

The Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner is also now available with Wireless Blue Tooth Capacity so transferring scans to your computer could not be any easier. It is the best price of all the scanners on the market today as well. You can buy a scanner from Vupoint that is the basic model for under $90 in many locations. I have had a Vupoint Scanner for over year and I love it. It is a great deal for the money.

Check out more here and get plenty of information to make buying a scanner a breeze.

Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner

Here is additional information on the some other portable and desk top scanner that may be useful.

year and I love it.  It  is a great deal for the money.
Check out more here and get plenty of information to make buying a scanner a breeze.
Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner
Here is additional information on the some other portable and desk top scanner that may be useful.

Buy  A Flip Pal Here
The Flip Pal Mobile Scanner
Buy A Scanner HERE
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