Flip Pal Video on how to transfer and scan textures

Consider buying a scanner call the Flip Pal.  I have just seen an excellent video on how to use the Flip Pal over at the Flippal.com.  This video goes into great detail on how to use the Flip Pal, how to transfer scanned and how to scan textures and fabrics.  It is the perfect video to watch if you love to scrap book, need a receipt scanner or if you are looking for an excellent portable receipt scanner that runs on batteries.  The Flip-Pal can be used without the computer anytime anywhere.  It is very simple yet very functional and new technology. If you need to buy a scanner then should look no further.  You will not find a better deal on a portable scanner. 
A scanner is going to save you time and money in the long run and it will increase your personal freedom.  People are in love with the features of this scanner and often don't know about it until they start to do their research in order to buy a scanner this is right for them.  Once they see the Flip-Pal they are sold.  There decision to buy a scanner is made immediately and more and more rave revues are coming in daily.  See more of them here.

You can see how you can increase your creativity with the many options afforded by the Flip Pal.
Watch the Video HERE.