List of what Flip-Pal can scan

I had mentioned in the last post about the amazing ability to take a Flip-Pal scan and turn it into amazing embroidery so you should be well aware that theFlip-Pal is no ordinary scanner.  It is one of those new gadgets thatcomes along ever so often that surprises people and makes them wonder how thegot along without one.  You will certainly be scratching your head andasking yourself the same question after you purchase the Flip Pal.

Here is a list of some of the items you can scan with Flip and Scantechnology:

The Flip-Pal with USB stick now available
  1. Documents
  2. Receipts
  3. Legal size documents 
  4. Larger than legal size documents
  5. Passports
  6. Licenses 
  7. Small photos
  8. Large photos 
  9. Extra large photo
  10. Hand written notes 
  11. Coins
  12. Dollar bills
  13. Photos in the frame and on the wall
  14. Text books
  15. Magazine pages and covers
  16. Time cards 
  17. Business cards
  18. Post cards 
  19. Fabrics 
  20. Head stones 
  21. Engraved stone and granite
  22. Extra large topography maps
  23. Wood grain
  24. Concert or event tickets

The list can go on and on but this is a great start.  Your applications for use of the Flip-Pal scanner are endless and I am sure customers will come up with many more ways to apply this Flip-and Scan Technology that has been patented by the Couragent Company.  

You can read more about the partnership with the Brother Corporation that has created the ability to use the Flip Pal for creating embroidery patterns HERE