Great List of Top 10 reasons to Buy A Scanner

Here is a great post taken from detailing the top 10 reasons to Buy A Scanner.  There are many more reasons but this is a great list to start with when you begin to contemplate Buy A Scanner. 

A Scanner for scanning everything: Top 10 reasons to Buy A Scanner

Here are the Top 10 reasons to Buy A Scanner and to start getting more organized and to start saving paper.

There are countless reasons to buy a scanner and this is the list of the top 10 reasons why.  The list is growing longer by the day as scanner technology continues to improve and advance. 

1. save paper
2. save space
3. reduce clutter
4. better record keeping
5. quality preservation
6.  Scanned documents easily put into email.
7.  Save money on postage buy sending scans in email.
8.  Remote access of records from anywhere with use of cloud computing
9.  Access records with your smart phone or net book once connected to web
10. Relieve stress by having easy access to invoices, bills, notes and other records remotely.

This is just a short list and I am sure people can think of many more reasons to take advantage of the incredible new technology that comes with today's smart scanners.  If you are in business it is a must to buy a scanner.  If you are a sales person with an expense account it is a must to buy a scanner as well. 

Recently I have tried out the NeatReceipts portable scanner and have seen very positive results.  If you are interested in learning more about this particular scanner you can check out the following post:

My NeatReceipts:  A scanner you will love. 

A scanner can be found for everyone.  A few that are worthy of an appraisal from anyone are

  1. the Flip Pal Mobile Scanner and its soon to be released big brother
  2. The Capture-ID
  3. Neatdesk
  4. Neatreceipts
  5. Iriscan Express
  6. Fujitsu Scan Snap