What more can you want in a Mobile Scanner? the Flip-Pal™ is amazing

What more could you want in a mobile scanner than the vast amount of features that are standard with the innovative and creative Flip-Pal™ photo and document scanner.
This is a way to create anything or re create anything you want on your fabric as long as you have it in picture format.  You can have family or friends faces now on all you pillows, cushions or fabrics of any kind.  Amazing technology that is far ahead of any technological advancement in scanning tech.  You can always figure out new ways to use your creativity and talents to make amazing arts and crafts using this scanner.  It is a scanner that is truly a one of a kind and ahead of its time.  Don't wait for the other copy cats to hit the market.  Get the one and only Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner.
The Flip-Pal™  Mobile Scanner is AMAZING! 
You know how much grandparents would love to have an image of their grandchildren on their carry bag or throw pillows. It is hard to believe what you can 
create by combining the Flip-Pal™ Mobile Scanner while using 
the PhotoStitch™ feature in PE-DESIGNTM Software from the partnership with the Brother Corporation. 
There is no reason to doubt the reality about the Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner.
This scanner is the best innovation to become available for tech nerds in years and
it isn’t just for techies because it is such an awesome and easy to use electronic device.
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