Neat Company says Try Neat!

a few features you don't want to over look from Neat Receipts

Product Features

  • Awesome Neat Works Software
  • Smart software reads while it scans and sorts to appropriate digital file, and works well with several different brands of accounting software
  • The power source comes from the USB cord which allows single hookup to computer.  Neat Receipts also runs on batteries and easily fits in breif case
  • Highly portable

More from Neat Compay regarding the Neat line of scanners

The portable version is the Neat Receipts
Desk top version is Neat Desk
The software that puts these scanners out front of other is is called Neat Works. 
Neat Works is both comatable with Mac or PC
Next to the smart phone there is nothing more important to your office than a Neat Company Scanner with their patented software. 
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NeatReceipts availabe here